The Convenient Way To Safely Store Data

There are various ways in which you can store important data so that in case of data loss, you can easily retrieve the information. If you back up your business data, your business operations will not be interrupted even in the face of data loss since you will be able to quickly retrieve it.

When you back up personal information, your memories will be safe even when you lose the data on your computer due to a virus or a hardware problem. You can back up your data using the tape technology which is a cost effective and safe method of safeguarding your data. The HP Ultrium LTO 6 products are a good option for backing up your data.

The Advancement Of LTO technology

LTO refers to the linear tape open technology which is a data storage technology that makes use of a single reel tape that has a high storage capacity. The LTO technology is subjected to continuous improvements which are carried out by three organizations. These organizations include Hewlett Packard (HP), Quantum and International Business Machines (IBM). The technology was introduced into the market in 2000 when the first generation of LTO or LTO 1 was released.

As each generation was introduced into the market, it brought with it faster data transfer speeds and a higher storage capacity. The first five generations of LTO had a data compression ratio of 2:1, but from LTO 6, the data compression ratio was increased to 2.5:1.

Characteristics Of LTO 6

HP Ultrium LTO 6 was introduced into the market in 2012 and has a storage capacity of 6.25 TB for compressed data and 2.5 TB for uncompressed data. The rate of data transfer for compressed data is 400 Mb/s while the rate for uncompressed data is 160 Mb/s. The compression ratio is 2.5:1, up from the compression ratio of the 1st to the 5th generation which was 2:1. LTO 6 has the write-once-read-many (WORM) capability which does not allow data to be overwritten so that the integrity of your data will be maintained.

Data encryption is also a feature of LTO 6 which allows data to be converted into a form known as ciphertext. When in this form, the data can only be understood by those who are authorized to access it. When using LTO technology, the data is first compressed and then encrypted. LTO 6 disks can read and write to LTO 6 and 5 tapes, and can read LTO 6, 5 and 4 tapes.

The LTO Program

The LTO program allows authorized vendors to license the technology. These vendors have to go through a yearly test to check whether they are adhering to the laid down standards. Products which are compliant to the LTO Ultrium format have trademarks on the tape drives and the cartridges.

When advancing the LTO technology, the methods used to encode and compress the data are reviewed together with the density of the data bits that are on the tape. The material the tape is made from, the length of tape found in each cartridge and the speed at which the tape passes through the drive are also upgraded. Each generation that is released into the market has a higher storage capacity and a faster rate of data transfer.

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